Kenzie's Stages

  • September
    says "TRASH" signs "juice", "bath"
  • August
    Says Banana "NANA", "BYE", "NO" for everything,"HI", "Where's DADA", "MAMA", "BELLE", more "MO", water "WA-EE", milk "MIL", ouch "OUCHY", "WHOA", "THANKS" "HOT", "HUH","Ni-Ni", Grandpa "AMPA", "POop-pOop" I love you "I UH U", Thanks mama " UH MAMA", signs "book." Went to Ventura & Antelope Valley fair, went to the Santa Barbara Zoo for mommy and daddy's 2nd anniversary, found out she's having a baby brother, San Francisco trip, San Onofre camping trip,
  • July
    Went to Lahontan for the 1st time, signs "water", blows kisses, went to Tahoe & Mammonth for the 2nd time, loves vacation, loves her puppies cage, gives kisses whenever you ask, growls @ us, eats non stop, has a sweet little personality, loves to play, throws fits, knows and loves her family
  • June
    1st Circus, went to visit daddy at the firestation, drives her power wheels fire engine all by herself... daddy taught her, blows kisses, says "whats that", says "Tasha" isn't that great! still LOVES shoes, spoiled, says "Hi Belle", loves to be outside, signs "more" all day long meaning she wants a snack
  • May
    tooth # 8,Dances with her arms up in the air, smiles like crazy is the happiest most loving little girl, lost her puppy Bugsy which was a huge part of all of our lives, walks all over the place, signs "more" for anything food, loves (obsessed) with shoes, says "shoes", says "thanks", gives really good kisses, Starting to blow kisses, started using a fork to eat
  • April 1 years old
    tooth # 6&7, dances like crazy, said "hi Daddy" on the phone for the first time, another Johnson and Johnson audition, first time in the newspaper from Easter egg hunt, 1st Easter, takes about 7 steps and then starts to crawl, 1st birthday party, first time to Disneyland, first time giving blood, signs "more", found out she's having a little brother or sister, picked up dog poop (with her hand) for the 1st time, cried the entire time at church school and we never heard them page us :(
  • March (11 months)
    says "SIT" and "NO" to the puppies with her finger pointing at them, her first REAL cold, walking with her walker, opening all the cabinets signs "more" almost its kinda a clap :) Hanna Andersson photoshoot, says "this", took her first teeny tiny step, tooth #5
  • Feburary (10 months)
    waves bye bye like crazy, signs "all done" & "milk", loves ice cream from her Daddy, skied down a slope with her daddy in Utah and fell asleep on the way down, went sleding,second time at the snow, drinks out of a sippy cup, started stage 3 baby food (not a fan),says Hi, climbs the stairs contantly, 2nd ear infection, 1st Valentines day, 1st audition for Johnson&Johnson (2-18-09),eats her graduates like a big girl,dances, 10 month pictures, stands up by herself for a couple seconds and falls, first photoshoot :) gets off the couch the right way allby herself feet first
  • January (9 months)
    first supercross in Anaheim, first bruise from falling:(, first time to the snow (Big Bear) first time at Sunday school,sleepover with TavTav, 9 month doctors appt everything just perfect yay! lil cold, big girl baths,4th tooth, walking along the furniture & going from one piece of furniture & reaching across to another piece, stands up for a couple seconds all by herself
  • December (8 months)
    First Christmas, saw Santa(loves him), first Limo ride with the girls, first Sushi Bar, Baby talk like crazy, 8 month pictures, first time trying a lemon... bad idea gagged for 5 minutes! First time on the Queen Mary, found her favorite nursing blanket...we lost it for a month :( has a little personality "attitude" now, climbs the stairs, picks her nose, points one finger, has her third tooth, eats meats (baby food) & likes it,saw her 2nd and 3rd movie in the movie theater,first New Years eve party!
  • November (7 months)
    Kenzie voted, two bottom teeth in, plays paddy cake, waves bye bye, stands up while holding on to something all by herself,crawls really good and like crazy, says Me-Me for mommy!
  • October (6 months)
    sits up(not perfect), fast army crawling, talking so much more, eating all kinds of fruits and vegetables and prunes which she loved :), first constipation issues (so sad),first fever (from her shots), two teeth coming in on the bottom, absolutely loves her bath, plays like crazy, drinks water, takes one two hour nap :)
  • September (5 months)
    wants to be able to see us at all times, sleeping through the night 10 hours, taking small naps finally, trying to blow bubbles, drolling like crazy, had veggies!
  • August (4 months)
    scooting around, eating cereal, getting hair,bitting on her lips, still teething but no teeth yet,lots of fluffs,grabs her ear when she eats its a must:), grabs her toes,recognizes her mommy and daddy!
  • July (3 months)
    1st big vacation to Yellowstone for a month,giggles,cooing, holding on to things, sticks her tongue out,rolls over to her belly,plays/talks to her hands!
  • June (2 months)
    First Dodgers game, smiling, first shots:(, 2 month pictures!
  • May (1 month)
    Lost her black belly button, first professional pictures, first camping trip to Havasu!
  • April (Her birthday)
    Mackenzie Joy Mueller born April 17 2008 at 4:28 p.m. weighing 6lbs. 11 oz. 19 1/4" long! She is so amazing! ~First trip to Tikma and Tonkpa's house!


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